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"Working with Cody has always been an absolute breeze. Countless times now, I've sent him a raw demo of a song, and he has completely remixed and remastered the song, making a diamond in the rough a finished project ready for the market. What I've accomplished as an artist would not have been possible without Cody's vision, drive, creativity, and selfless serving. Cody is brilliant, and he's one of the hardest workers I've ever met. Anyone would be lucky to have him to partner with on a project."

Eran Kious

"Cody is a natural collaborator. Everything he does is in service of the song. I have had the most productive and enjoyable sessions of my career with him. No idea is out of the question, no EQ or effect combination is out of his wheelhouse. He is adept at mastering and has an excellent ear for a great mix. Cody combines an extensive theory and composition knowledge with a mastery of his workstation. If I could work full-time in the studio creating with Mr. Kirby, I would not hesistate to accept that gig. He is an invaluable asset to any project."

Josh Luce


"Cody is a phenomenal producer. We emailed him twenty-five raw tracks recorded in our home studio. After discussing our visions and expectations, within a couple days Cody had completed a rough draft. I could tell immediately that his mixing and mastering abilities were exceptional. The vocals were front and center, accompanied by a very clean e.q. enhancing the high frequencies while pulling out those pesky mid-lows. The guitar effects he chose for the lead tracks were subtle, allowing for the artistry of the part to really shine. I could go on and on about the mix, but what really surprised us was the way Cody arranged the project. He took our vision, and accentuated it in ways we hadn’t even imagined. We will be working with him from now on. He is timely, passionate, and extremely creative."

Landon Turner & Kellie Lindsay

"Working with Cody on music is like working with a MUSIC GOD. Me being a singer with not really any knowledge of how songs are composed, he makes it seem so easy and can make something out of nothing, the music just pours out of him and it’s honestly really cool to witness. He also educates me along the process and makes me feel comfortable to express any ideas I might have. His energy is always so high and he’s always so involved it always fun to work with him. 10/10 would recommend."

Miranda Kirby

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